End to end design and build solutions, we offer professional and exceptional support throughout the process

An Exemplary End Result

A working team dedicated to detail and making sure that your dreams are realised first on paper and then in reality. We understand your need to build a beautiful lasting legacy and we use our skill, expertise and artistry to make sure you realise that dream. 

High end and professional, we will form a partnership until you are completely satisfied.

Jarmila Logie Hannah Alexandre Lodge Architecture

Our Expertise



Focus on meeting your lifestyle needs and demands, to create living spaces, using expertise and creativity. A complete combination of technological know-how, artistry and the aesthetic.


Interior Design

Planning and supervising of the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings and ensuring form meets function.


Project Administration

Preparation of documentation and technical drawings to be submitted and approved. Drawing all professionals together to maintain your vision.


Construction Management

Site Supervision to assist you with ensuring the project is built according to plans and specifications.


Project Management

Our mind set of end-to-end solutions will not leave you, as we guide you through the manifestation of your ideas.


Story Boards

Teaming up with you we create a story of the look and feel of your ideas, opening a space for conversation and key communication.


Working Drawings

Drawing up the plans in critical detail to ensure the project is precise.



Dealing with slow and cumbersome council processes to ease the stress of planning a new build.


Additions and Alterations

Finding the perfect solution, combining old with the new, using design principles for smooth transitions.


Scale models

Built to scale we offer the opportunity to explore the shape and functionality of your design.


3D Renders

Highly accurate architectural renders to showcase the end result. For the first time you will see your vision becoming a reality.


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